The Lucky and Unluky Eskape
David Steans

The Lucky and Unluky Eskape
David Steans, 2013
Short horror-story*; clear printed vinyl stickers, two pairs of coloured sunglasses; two printed beach towels, sun loungers; two hand-written cocktail recipes redacted with electrical tape, cocktails
Dimensions Variable

Synopsis: The Lucky and Unluky Eskape is a horror-story set on a Spanish holiday resort called ‘The Lucky Eskape’, or rather a horror-story set on two holiday resorts. Unbeknownst to the holiday-making family of protagonists, there are two resorts, both called ‘The Lucky Eskape’, that exist as if in parallel dimensions. The story describes each character’s experiences of their simultaneous holidays in both ‘The Lucky Eskape’ and ‘The Lucky Eskape’.

Poor shells
Matthew Crawley and David Steans, 2013
Cast plaster of paris, wire, vaseline, dirt, hair
Dimensions Variable

The Devil’s Castle
Matthew Crawley and Harry Meadley, 2013
ONETIME Lightweight Ready Mixed Filler made by Beeline
11 x 11.7 x 11.7cm

A work at your expense
Harry Meadley, 2013
Fan art
19 x 25cm

Holiday ‘13
Matthew Crawley and David Steans, 2013
Graphite on paper
42 x 59.4cm

Holiday wardrobe
Matthew Crawley, 2013
Colour photographs, kodak paper wallet, pencil
10 x 15cm [x32]

Happiness (evaporation)
Matthew Crawley, 2013
Found object
8.5 x 4.7 x 4.7cm

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