Headless Body found in Topless Bar
Harry Meadley

Headless Body found in Topless Bar
Harry Meadley, 2013
Flannel shirt

House of Splattered Pomegranates
David Steans, 2013
Short horror-story* (in progress, not on display), graphite book-plate design on paper, unlimited edition of book-plate (in progress, not on display), five cast iron door-knockers (in progress, not on display) 262 x 152cm

Synopsis available on request.

Matthew Crawley, 2013
MDF, wood, wood glue, screws, red devil Onetime filler, emulsion paint, gold spirit paint, white vinyl
325 x 138.5 x 138.5cm

Photocopy of Why Good Ideas Can Kill: Some Thoughts on Harry Meadley’s Art by George Vasey from a proof print of Out of Bounds published by David Dale Gallery, Glasgow.

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